Small Business Bookkeeping Outsource Bookkeeping or Hire a Local Bookkeeper

Changes in the last few years make doing your own small business bookkeeping generally a waste of time and money. A variety of services allow you to keep top-notch bookkeeping either online or remotely at a fraction of the cost of a local bookkeeper. Although a local bookkeeper allows face-to-face time, new tools and a cost savings of 30-60% generally mean going with online bookkeeping services is often the best choice. It used to be that some of the online bookkeeping software, like QuickBooks, made it worthwhile if times were tough. That might still be true if your small business has so few transactions that you just do the work yourself. Otherwise choosing a reputable online bookkeeping service for your online accounting is the best choice. Many of them will even give you back your processed books in Quickbooks or other software if you so desire. For my money, I would go with for price, features, and quality of service. They are among the most inexpensive of the pack and one that is at once both reliable and loaded with features. They provide you coded, postage-paid envelopes. You simply put copies of all your paperwork in the envelope and they literally do all the rest: secure scanning, machine read documentation, human verification, and processing through QuickBooks. ( I believe they may also work with additional software programs as well). Their pricing starts at about $150 per month for smaller businesses. Their customer service is also quite responsive. The number is 888-994-8626. There are also other firms that do outsourced accounting bookkeeping online but not at that pricing and I have heard mixed reviews on some of them. It is also nice to be able to deal with a US firm (Boston in the case of ) as I’ve heard some real horror stories of folks trying to get their own bookkeeping outsourced to India. I know the trend is to use outsourced bookkeeping overseas (and many of the big accounting firms now push a lot of their backend work there anyway) but I like being able to deal with a person in the US. If you really need to see your bookkeeper (or certified public accountant) face-to-face, you may also try visiting . They offer a free referral service for US and Canadian small business seeking help with their accounting bookkeeping. You could also try your local CPA association but CPAs tend to be a lot more expensive than online bookkeeping services.